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Small businesses & makers know that weeks after Thanksgiving mark the busiest sales season of the year. We’ve got to make it count, right? Here’s a Holiday Prep Guide for Artists. I’ve been selling my art during the holiday season for the last 12 years, so I’ve learned a thing or two about how to […]

Holiday Prep Guide for Artists

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START YOUR DAY OFF WITH A CREATIVE MINDSET Mindset matters. I created a free printable “Daily Creative Affirmations” sheet for you. ​CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR DAILY CREATIVE AFFIRMATIONS​ Print in color or in black in white onto 8.5″x11″ paper.​​ Print out this daily affirmation list and put it where you can see it first […]

Daily Creative Affirmations Printable

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On September 15th, 2020, a book that I wrote and illustrated for Andrews McMeel Publishing was published. The book is an illustrative guide to reconnecting with your creative self. I called it “Give Yourself Margin“. Today I am celebrating my book’s 1 year birthday. CLICK HERE to purchase your copy or to leave a review. […]

My Book Birthday: Give Yourself Margin

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Maybe the #1 question I get asked as a business owner is about my company name: Gingiber. What does Gingiber mean? It is an old Latin version of the word “Ginger” (I have a friend who teaches Latin, and she confirmed this for me long ago). But how did my business name come to be? […]

The Story Behind The Name “Gingiber”

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“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain Naming your business can feel like the MOST IMPORTANT part of launching your creative career. It can also be the single thing that keeps us moving forward in our creative endeavors. “If I could just come up with the PERFECT name, then I would start”……. […]

Naming Your Art Business: My Top Tips For Choosing Your Name

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HELLO, FRIEND! I bet you’ve walked through your favorite retail store or shopped online, and said to yourself, “I would LOVE to design for this company… but HOW do I get my work in front of the right people? How do artists and designers land those big collaborations? It feels so mysterious.” I remember thinking […]

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Curious about the world of art licensing? Ready to launch your own website? Have a passion for teaching? Wondering how to balance building and maintaining multiple income streams? Download my free guide to learn how you can increase your revenue streams RIGHT NOW, using the artwork you already have.

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