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Today I want to pull back the curtain when it comes to Leveraging my own Art! What does it mean to Leverage Your Art? For me, it means you make great art and then use that art in multiple ways that lead to income. Let’s dive in to my income streams as a thriving artist. […]

[VLOG] My Income Streams As A Thriving Artist

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How Much Does It Cost To Run An Art Business? When I coach artists who want to launch their own Art Licensing businesses, they often wonder how much it REALLY costs, month to month, out of pocket, they will have to invest to get this thing off the ground. There are SO MANY ways to […]

[VLOG] How Much Does It Cost To Run An Art Business?

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Hello friends! Monday morning when I opened up my laptop to begin my week’s work, I read an e-mail in my inbox from someone on my newsletter list. They asked me if they want to have a career in art licensing and building a brand like mine, where they should start, because they want to […]

[VLOG] Making Art People Want To Purchase

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CREATE GREETING CARDS WITH YOUR ART Hello my fellow aspiring Licensed Artists! Stacie here. I’ve been cooking up a little “THANK YOU” for you to say thanks for being a part of this online community. BECAUSE I LIKE HANGING OUT WITH YOU and sharing with you how you can find success with getting your art […]

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