Hello, friend! My name is Stacie Bloomfield, and I’m an artist, a mom of 3, married to a mathematician turned computer coder. We live in a perpetual fixer upper in Northwest Arkansas. 

When I was a little girl, I KNEW in my gut that I would grow up to be an artist. Either that, or a professional softball player (I watched a League of Their Own on repeat). I did grow up to be an artist, but my success has been WILDLY different from what I predicted. In fact, it has far exceeded anything my mind could have imagined. 

I married a sweet guy named Nathan when I was 20, and we welcomed our first daughter when I was only 22. And for a while, I put my dreams of being an artist on hold so that I could support my graduate student husband, all while balancing working full time at a coffee shop and trying to figure out motherhood.


I longed to find a way back to art, to be present for my kids, and to create income from my art so that I could support my family.

That was 14 years ago. What has happened in my life since then has been a mix of trial and error, LOTS of hard work, thousands of French Presses of strong coffee, and the unwavering dream that I was put on this earth to somehow, someway, use my talents for illustration to do good. To make a difference. To provide stability for my own growing family. 

creative illustrator
licensed artist  •  shop owner  author  • educator

I'm Stacie Bloomfield

Hey, friend!

creative illustrator  •  licensed artist   shop owner  •  author  • educator

I think that many of you have the same dream. You dream of using your artwork to create income.

You dream of having the flexibility in your schedule to show up to the school events, or drop everything to get to that appointment. You dream of seeing your artwork on products in stores all across the world. You dream that the world needs your talents.

You just aren’t sure how to make it happen.

I’m here to be your guide. To lighten your load. To save you YEARS of research and to share my decade of personal experiences with you so that you can work smarter, not harder.

I’m an illustrator and entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience running a thriving illustration business. My company, Gingiber, produces items sold in over 1,400 retail stores and I have licensed my artwork to countless companies over the years such as Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Moda Fabrics, and more.

My number one goal is to create artwork and products that encourages and inspires you to live your most full, creative life. And, my dream for you is that you are able to look at your own giftings and talents and turn them into a joyful, fulfilling career that brings you stability and peace of mind. 

Consider me your personal cheerleader. Because I believe with EVERYTHING inside of me that we were made to encourage each other. 

Everything behind you is why you are here. 

Every experience we’ve walked through, every criticism we’ve faced, every decision that we got right.... well it shapes us and prepares us for what is to come next.

I know that who I am today is different from who I was even last week or last year. And, golly, things have been very unpredictable lately. Yet we still have to keep moving on our path. And keep learning. And keep trying to do better and be better. And hopefully who we are a year from now will be different than who we are today because we will have grown and had new experiences and challenges.

And hopefully, a year from now, you can look back and see how far you’ve come with your art, your business, and even the dreams that are so big you are afraid to say them out loud.

let's do this.


"Joining Creative Power House Society was what I needed to keep the momentum going after finishing Stacie’s Leverage Your Art course. My peer group has been amazing, it has been super helpful to bounce ideas with people that get it. They are a really lovely bunch!

Stacie is an amazing leader, always willing to go the extra mile for her students. She is very generous, sharing the behind the scenes of her business and sharing her knowledge and know how from her many years of experience. If you are a creative looking for guidance and support, to move your business forwards, Creative Power House Society is the place to be!"

peace, joy, and fullfillment

With the Leverage Your Art Course, I share my PASSION and business know how, inspiring you to work hard, dream big, and achieve your goals. I truly believes that the world needs ALL of us, and with a little bit of encouragement and an eagerness to learn, you can and WILL have a career as a licensed artist.

You will do more than just pay your bills: you will develop the business savvy to THRIVE financially, have the freedom to work on your own timetable and schedule, and truly craft a life that gives you...

My Passion is to teach and equip creatives to have a thriving career as an artist.

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Design A Calendar in 2 Weeks. Easy Peasy. 
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Calendars are perhaps the perfect marriage of art + product.
The best calendars tell a story. Artists are storytellers.
What story do you want to tell with your calendar? 

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Are you ready to have the creative career that gives you financial freedom, location flexibility, AND celebrates your own unique artistic voice?

In our signature course, you will learn the business of licensing and selling your artwork and making those creative big dreams come true. 

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The Creative Powerhouse Society is a membership for creative business owners who are interested in building multiple revenue streams for their artwork and are looking for guidance and support as they build a sustainable, joyful, and fulfilling career.

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Gingiber is the work of artist Stacie Bloomfield. Her goal is to encourage and inspire you to live your most full, creative life.

Stacie's work has a teeny sentimental streak, and a healthy obsession with vintage children's book illustrations and stories you never quite outgrow. Gingiber's goods are made to be timeless and enjoyed by the young at heart.

Gingiber's original designs feature bold, vibrant colors and unexpected patterns.

by Stacie Bloomfield


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let's take the leap together.

Growth and change can be scary...
but big dreams are waiting for you!

Rise. Transform. Shine. 
The key is to take the first step.

You are brave.

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